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≪Worldwide Seafoods Group ≫

Worldwide Saeafoods Group is a fishing company which has seven FAS (Frozen At Sea) boats which process high quality seafood products in the West Coast of Canada.  Our operation office is located in Vancouver, B.C. and marketing office is located in Seattle, WA USA.

We specialize in producing a number of products such as, Black Cod, Pacific Halibut, Albacore Tuna, Spot Prawns, Salmon and most common species that dwell in the North Pacific. Our brand names for Black Cod include "Bold Performance", "Charlotte" and "Pacific Titan" are already well recognized internationally, as well as "Glacier" and "Red Coral" for Spot Prawns. We also produce fresh fish such as Pacific Halibut, Salmon and Yellowfin Bigeye Tuna. Additionally we sell frozen products in the US and Canada market such as Wild Eel Fillets, Farmed Abalone and Squid-Bait products.                                                                                                                            Mandela

              Keythera 2             Pacific Titan           Jeanna Marie
         Bold Performance               Snow Fall               Triple M3

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        Worldwide Seafoods USA (2004) Ltd.  
        120 2nd Ave S.
       Edmonds, WA 98020  USA 
       TEL: 206-223-1995   FAX: 425-678-0356

      Aki Nakanishi      aki@wwseafoods.com 
      Terence Tengan   terence@wwseafoods.com